Friday, February 10, 2012

Kiss Me on This Valentine

First of all......

Kisses for who's reading dis post! XD
Valentine's Day is merely 4 days away! Love is in the air ~~~~ The month of kisses, roses, chocolates, and gifts.... The most romantic moment of the year! 

So girls, how you gonna put your make up for the romantic Valentine's date? I'm so happy that I received  cosmetic products from Kiss Me just right before the Valentine. Hehehe... Gonna try my make up before the Valentine's Day.

The CLOSE-UP look after make up:

Kiss Me products that I used:

All these babies are waiting to KISS ME! :p
From left to right: 
1. Heavy Rotation - Coloring Eyebrow 02
2. Heavy Rotation - Quick Powder Eyebrow 02
3. Heroine Make - Smooth Cover Powder Clear
4. Heavy Rotation - Shiny Gloss 02
5. Heroin Make scissors 
6. False lashes (not in the pic cz I used it before) - Heroin Make Impact Eyelash : Natural Long 01

Applied the Heroin Make Smooth Powder after make up base and foundation, as a finishing and touch up. This powder is with UV protection SPF 20 PA++ too!

Heroine Make - Smooth Cover Powder Clear

Love the rosy smell :)

Today I wanna soften my eyebrow and achieve the popular korean style : Soft but still Thick eyebrow.

First step : Trim!!!
Upper and lower

Second step: Trim again!
Heroin Make scissors, with a COMB! Thoughtful design ever!
A very handy equipment, even for beginners
Third step : Soften it
Heavy Rotation - Quick Powder Eyebrow 02
Tilt the tip n draw the line gently toward the end of eyebrow
Fourth step: Coloring
Heavy Rotation - Coloring Eyebrow 02

Brush it VERY gently n softly. My hair is black so I just color a bit to soften my black eyebrow 

So it looks like:


Lastly : Lip Gloss! 
The shinny gloss! With a brush! Another lovely design! :)

You know why there's a product line of Kiss Me called Heroin Make?? Everyone sure know about animation right? Heroin Make means that whatever happened to the heroin in the animation, either she's crying, sweating or stands in the rain, etc etc... the make up is still on! Heroin Make brings the same concept too. So....don't ever think you won't cry on Valentine's Day. Yes, things happened, always, unexpectedly...for example.......

1. Proposal 

Proposal on Valentine! Romantic ever!

2. Kisses in the rain

You know Malaysia's weather is like women's emotion. Who knows it'll change within a snap and you partner can't wait to kiss you in the rain? *too romantic thoughts* -.-

3. Break Up

Break up??? Sounds ridiculous right? But we have been heard of stories, some people love to break up with their partners on Valentine *touchwood* .I think that chances of this scenario will happen is VERY VERY LOWWWWW...but as a smart girl, we just have to be READY all the time!  We girls wanna look the best at all time! Heroin Make line of Kiss Me can gives you that :)

Before and after get kissed :)

And yeah, forget to wish you all ............
Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Now....let's hit down the nearest Watson or Sasa! Girls, you wanna look charming and confident on Valentine's Day; while for the boys, no more scratching your head, you know what to buy for your girlfriend now. Kiss Me is the best for you both :)

 Kiss Me


Wilee Tee said...

lovely! muax muax

Emma said...

thanks darl! <3 kiss for you too *muacks*

Mr Lonely said...

lovely~ <3 ~ =)

Henry Tan said...

LOL! once came in get ur kiss ad. *shy* LOL
btw dear john is also another top romantic movie! =D

kuromeowiie said...

make me wanna kiss you on the screen when I saw your last picture! XD

bendan said...

Hahaha.. the trimming tools grabs my attentions!! ^^ Cool!!

Btw, nice makeup!!

Kian Fai Koh said...

yerrrrrr what la where got people simply ask other people to kiss you 1 . . . . if u want no problem geh :P

Nath said...

*kiss kiss kiss* Happy Valentine's Day :D

Emma said...

hahaha thanks girl!

lol Kian Fai, if you had notice "Kiss Me" is actually the name of the cosmetic brand.

Hope you all had a great Valentines day! xx

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