Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Kathu Waterfall | Phuket

After had some morning walk at the popular Patong beach, I went to this waterfall in Kathu. The weather was as hot as the weather in Malaysia so I was really hoping for something cool and chilling! I was actually feeling little excited before I arrived in Kathu, my brain was thinking of dipping myself into the cool water! :p

Finally I'm here! 

It's only the first level of the waterfall....

Time to CLIMB! 

Huhu~~ Saw a bunch of ppl was picnic-ing with alcohol n food! It's only like 11+- in the morning!

Tadaaa! Love the sound by waterfall. Natural melody that calms our mind =)

The water is really cool!  <3 <3 <3 

There's still some staircases up to higher level but I just skipped that. Didn't wanna waste time and I felt a little dangerous and insecure of climbing too high. 

It's about 9km from Patong. Didn't plan to go here initially, just spontaneous spotted this on the GPS so we were like: "Let's go!". It's the benefit of driving in Phuket as we could go anywhere we want at anytime hehee :p Although this waterfall is not the MUST SEE in Phuket, but I didn't regret of dropping by. 

Kathu Waterfall 


Smooth Criminal F said...

wah...until now only i know phuket is soooo nice! feel like going there after reading ur blog hehe :D

Emma said...

Hehe..more to come :)

hazanis said...

so beautifull place...come visit my blog http://kakiblogger.mygeng.org/#s01

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