Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hello Malaysia, I'm Back!

Hi hi guyssss, I just back from 7D6N Hong Kong/ Macau trip! It was an excited but tiring trip I must say...I basically walking non-stop except my sleeping/ rest time in the hotel, phew~~~ Thank god I got to rest for a day today, must sayang sayang my "over walking" feet now T_T. 

There're tons and tons of photos taken ( more than 8GB omaigawddddd....with some cute videos of dolphins/ penguins and other..... very very cuttteeeee la when I looked back just now awwww ).  

Will try my best to update soon, but the boyfie just booked another flight to Kota Kinabalu, I'm flying again this Thursday! /=.=  I'm now too exhausted and really not in the mood doing research ady, anyone been to KK please advise the MUST GO/ MUST EAT pleasee??? Or I should just call off this KK trip? 

Hope you enjoyed your holiday last week too!!! Good night guys! :)


Mr Lonely said...

welcome back to Malaysia~

dailysnippetsoflife said...

Coconut pudding is a must try in KK.

Daizz said...


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