Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's been a while

Good morning dearies! It's been a while since I last update my fashion post! :p Actually my sister Johanna and I were planning on building a very small business on fashion but somehow after uploaded our first piece on  Sohcharm√© , my sister was busy with her college application to Canada. Sigh, how can I do ALONE without her? We take pictures for each other :( 

Then a friend of mine, Taki offered a hand to help me do photo-shooting! Yeah yeahhh :) . He is a photographer so I know, the photos must be good! Thank you thank you! :D . It was exhausting changing when doing outdoor shooting but I'm really happy with the outcome! Perhaps in future if there's more opportunity like this, I could continue with this business? 

Alright this is our 2nd piece, Oversize Peplum Top . I personally really love this piece! 


The details (front)

The details (front)

The details (back)





And there's still stock last for our first piece, check out at .  I think I'm a really fail businesswoman :( .....So please show some love and contact me if you like any of our piece! Check out our FB page of Sohcharm√© . 

If any photographers out there would like to offer a hand in photo-shooting, kindly contact me ( your watermark is allowed! ).  :D


Henry Tan said...

nice but seems like need to iron it quite often?

Wilson Ng said...

I agree with Henry, it seem like the need for ironing!


Emma said...

haha. both of you guys got same opinion hor, my bf said the same too. Actually, only the blue top i didn't keep it properly. After wash n hang it nicely don't even need the ironing LOL....

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