Monday, January 09, 2012

Daily Skin Care Routine

So...What's your daily skin care routine? Facial Wash? Toner? Moisturizing? That's only the 3 basic daily skin care steps, what's more?

Things that you shouldn't skip after you wake up early in the morning and before bed:
1. Facial Wash

2. Toner

3. Serum/ Essence

4. Moisturizer

5. Eye Care

Morning Skin Care Tips:
1. Sun protection: 
- You don't know how the UV rays could harm your skin; more details on sun protection tips: check out my previous post & 

Night Skin Care Tips:
1. Make up remover:
- No matter you are on make up or not, PLEASE use make up remover daily before you wash your face, it removes the sun protection products, dirt, etc. 

2. Regular Mask Treatment Session:
- Make sure your skin is under a good care, apply different types of masks regularly could keep your skin moisturized, glowing, reducing the pigmentation, etc. 

3. Regular Skin Exfoliation:
- At least twice a week skin care steps that you shouldn't skip.

Love yourself, love your skin <3

1 comment:

missyblurkit said...

a good post at the beginning of the year as a reminder that we should "try" to follow a proper beauty regime:D

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