Friday, October 14, 2011

Tips of Sun Protection for Your Skin

Do you apply sunscreen/ sunblock EVERYDAY?

For skin care addict like me, Sun Protection always be my final steps after applying all the skin cares.

Okay, here I gonna share some of the Tips for Sun Protection:-

1. Final step of your daily skin care procedure (morning)

2. Re-apply after 2-3 hours

3. Apply sunblock/ sunscreen AT LEAST before 30 mins under the sun

4. At least SPF 15 for indoor, SPF 30 for outdoor activities

5. Preferable choose the sunblock/ sunscreen products which has PA+++ ( Max protection!)

6. Apply daily even though the weather is gloomy/ raining, the UVA/UVB still there! Just you couldn't see it!

7. For extreme activities, choose higher SPF for better protection

8. Don't ever neglect your EYES, NECK, EARS, LIPS and BODY area.

9. Remember to use make up remover before cleansing steps at the night.

Love yourself, love your skin <3


bluedianthus said...

Good advice..this information is really helpful especially for girls. :)

Henry Tan said...

nope! that's why i got sunburn from the last trip!

Emma said...

Yes! Should really take good care of our skin!! :):)

Camy said...

thanks for sharing it! :D

Isaac Tan said...

thanks for the advice :)

♥ ♥Elaine Ho♥ ♥ said...

sunblock.. is kinda sticky and have its smell linger a bit..

(I seldom use sunblock)

Emma said...

@ Elaine you actually could some non sticky product, stay tune and I'll recommend it! =)

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