Sunday, October 16, 2011

Alluring Your Eyes with FreshKon!

Yes, I'm wearing lenses! Cosmetic Contact Lenses! First time trying this and it took some time to get it right, but know what, the color really made me feel so confident with bigger n charmer eyes! And needless to say, it's so natural. 

What's so good about this lenses??
1. Full circle print means Bigger and Brighter eyes
2. 55% water content gives Better Comfort
3. Larger Optical Zone & Clear Vision
4. Wide power range (up to –10.00D)
   - Non-powered lenses also available
   - Able to meet consumers’ need
5. Long hour wearing > 8 hours
6.. Easy handling : No lens curling problem
7. Higher DK value (23) : Better ocular health

Very good cosmetic lenses right? Find your favourite color! Mystical Black, Winsome Brown, Mesmeric Black, and Magnetic Grey, which one is yours? I prefer Winsome Brown =)

Check out how to Become Their Very Own Model!

Check out FreshKon TVC too!:

Now, you've a chance to shine yourself and become model for FreshKon, find more details on !! I've joined, how about you? Good luck! :)


Henry Tan said...

now i see your eyes with FreshKon ad. =p
good luck in ur competition. ;)

LauraLeia said...

Been seeing posts about FreshKon these few days. :D
Good luck in the competition!

Team Boss - Personal Tutor/Teacher said...


& Follow Your Blog...

Hilda Milda™ said...

Woots all the best :D

Emma said...

Thanks All =)

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