Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wacoal to Pink Ribbon Campaign with Parkson @ One Utama

Wacoal Malaysia, in collaboration with Parkson Corporation, launched its 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign to promote breast cancer awareness on 1 October. The event took place at the ‘Highstreet’ (new wing) of 1 Utama Shopping Centre with a fashion show and media launch.

Stand United Against Breast Cancer!
Early Detection is the Best Protection
The Wacoal 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign launching ceremony involved special appearances by 2 of Malaysia’s leading female artistes: the Best TV Actress of Anugerah Seri Angkasa 2010, Elaine Daly; and the Most Popular Actress of ntv7 Golden Awards 2010, Debbie Goh; to help spread knowledge on early detection of breast cancer. The launch included a light-hearted group performance.
The ambassodor, Elaine Daly and Debbie Goh
The launching!
Apart from fun activities and exclusive Pink Ribbon giveaways, Wacoal’s experienced beauty consultants were on hand to impart the knowledge on brassiere fitting. Female doctors from Assunta Hospital presented to provide personal consultations and breast screening on a complimentary basis. As early detection saves lives, breast self-examination was widely highlighted at the event and at all Wacoal counters (including those in Parkson’s).
The Ribbon! I know they're not pink >.<
The REMAMA's is the bra designed for patient after breast surgery. So thoughtful of Wacoal, this is definitely good news for them.
Sexy Model Pink Runway Show:

Do you know how to wear a bra CORRECTLY? Consult the sales girl while you're buying and you'll learn more
Check points for you to know whether the Bra is just right for you you know how to do self checking? And do you do it REGULARLY?

They are from Hospital Assunta, this is theregistration counter to help you on breast screening

Well, check up the steps below if you don't know or not sure on how to do Breast Self Examination:-
Picture from Wikipedia (BSE - Breast Self Examination)
An pictorial example of breast self-examination in six steps. Steps 1-3 involve inspection of the breast with the arms hanging next to the body, behind the head and in the side. Step 4 is palpation of the breast. Step 5 is palpation of the nipple. Step 6 is palpation of the breast while lying down. (from wikipedia)

A variety of methods and patterns are used in breast self-exams. Most methods suggest that the woman stand in front of a mirror with the torso exposed to view. She looks in the mirror for visual signs of dimpling, swelling, or redness on or near the breasts. This is usually repeated in several positions, such as while having hands on the hips, and then again with arms held overhead. (from wikipedia)

Everyone's note to fight against breast cancer

The Pink Ballons are love, right?
Girls, don't ever think that you're young and you could skip this! Have BSE (Breast Self Examination) regularly and consult doctor whenever you feel something isn't right. And hmmm, do you know that guys have the tendency to get breast cancer too?? Spread this awareness to your loved ones.

Always remember....
Early detection is the best protection and saves lives!
Love yourself...<3

*Photo courtesy of Caroline

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