Sunday, May 29, 2011

Broga Hill Adventure!!!

Guess what??? I woke up at 3am something in this morning!!! Ooopss... I was not waking up so damn early for the Football Match, I was going for an adventure with my friends! Never been to hiking before...quite worry that I couldn't make it to the top actually...@.@

After done everything and gathered at my friend's house, we arrived there at 5am in the morning. Hell ya! I was suppose to having sweet dream at this time! Huhuhu.... 

Peak 1 Adventurous (about 1 hour): 
Parking area, parking fee- RM2 
Journey started at was really DARK! 
There are 3 peaks in Broga Hill, 1st peak and 2nd peak is easier, but 3rd peak is a little tough part. Whatsoever, you must make it to at least Peak 2!!!

Peak 2 Adventurous (about 30 mins):
This picture was taken when we reached at Peak 1, having some short rest
Taking this pic when we were at Peak 2, u see that?? It is so steep!!! And we must go up to Peak 3 with that ROPE!!! WOW....This is crazy!
So we were discussing among each other, should continue to Peak 3 or not??? Some said Yes, some said No. So what??? To go? Or not to go????

Taking some pictures at Peak 2 when discussing.....

Now what??? Just go for it!!!! Hahahaaaa.... we were crazy! But why waste this opportunity to experience the feeling to be on TOP??? 1 more peak to go! 

Peak 3 Adventurous (about 20 mins):
Don't think it's easy, we were at quite bottom of the rope to take this picture, in fact, it is pretty hard to climb with just a rope and there were so many BIG STONES!!!
OMG I can't believe that! There were 2 ropes there, this rope was BROKEN!!!!! Another one is going to break soon!!!! Scary........@.@
Get Peak 1 and Peak 2 View???
Holala! We made it to the top!!!!! :D

Below pictures were taken when we were back at Peak 2:

What to do after that? Going back using the same roads...argh!!! Killing each and everyone of us! 所谓“上山容易,下山难”, which mean that climbing up a hill is a lot easy than climbing down....Not so good feeling when we climb down the hill.... We didn't bring any stick, this makes our life very difficult.........phew phew phew~~~

We done our hiking and went for breakfast at 925am. Actually the journey is not that long, just that we rested too much :D.

Must bring item:
1. Torch Light (better still headlight)
2. Additional Clothing
3. Small towel (you gonna sweat a lot)
4. Must wear Long Pants ( The grass is so TALL and might hurt your legs)
5. Drinking water
6. Big Bottle of water ready in your car (you gonna need it to wash your hand)
7. Food (you gonna be very hungry especially when you reach at higher peak)

Optional Item:
1. Wooden stick, believe me, this really helps you a lot especially when climbing down the hill ( I saw someone was selling the hiking stick, but it costs RM35 each! Is better for you to bring any stick such as wooden stick right??)
2. Jacket
3. Tissue
4. Wet Tissue

Oh ya, need your favor to vote for my blog for the Digi WWWOW Awards, this is pretty crazy because you can vote DAILY for the same BLOG. @.@ 

Vote here if you're willing to help and thanks for your votes! Weekend is gonna end soon and hope you've done something fun during weekend like me! 


Kokoda Treks said...

Hill Adventure with friends!ohhhhhhh thats so great. I wish now i go to Hill Adventure With friends & enjoy my life!!!!Nice photoooooooooo:)

Kelly said...

It looks great and very adventurous for Peak3! Where is Broga Hill situated at? Find one day, must experience it :)

ken said...

never been there before.. hope to visit one day :)

Miss N said...

love the morning breeze at brogo hill

Uchi kay-f @hmad said...

ooooooo bukit broga!!

dimana tue?

ycxiang said...


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