Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Waterfall @ Cameron Highlands

Yessss! Still my Cameron Trip post!!! I know I'm inefficient lately, feeling so guilty >.< . It's like the non-stop posts of my previous Cameron Trip LOLLLLL.....

And....I don't know about you guys, but before this, I never knew that there are Waterfalls in Cameron Highlands. Heard that there's still another waterfall but we not able to make it. 
This is how it looks like when we first entered, there's a big vege farm! 

The Vege Farm
 The only farmer that we saw, doing his part early in the morn! #hardworking

A sign pointing to a house that selling homemade blackberry, jam etc...we didn't go in cz that's not what we planned. Tell me what's inside if you got the chance to enter!
Climbing.....looking forward to the waterfall!
Danger sign
How it looks like (photo taken when we're almost to the end) .
Me with the waterfall...
Alright it's Robinson Falls at Tanah Rata
Actually, I didn't find this waterfall very exciting though. The waterfall is pretty small and none of us got the mood to finish the journey; although we're almost there. The road not so dangerous as what we expected, most of us walked with sandals heheee....

If you're an adventurous type person, you might wanted to have a look on this waterfall, the journey to where we were (where we can get clear scene of the waterfall) is only about 30 mins. It's located in Tanah Rata , there's a sign board with the name of Robinson Falls. A very easy place to find.

The Pink Ladies with the nature!


missyblurkit said...

been visiting cameron for day trips but not embarked on any jungle trekking for the longest time. the last i did was 10 years ago when we have our wedding ceremony at Lake House.

Henry Tan said...

haha soemthing i dont see people post about in cameron! hahaha

esazainal said...

sudah 3 kali ke Cameron Highland, tak pernah ke waterfall ini.

Emma said...

@Henry, yes first adventure too, thanks to my friends :p

@esazainal, hehehe, you should go thgis waterfall on your 4th visit! Not too exciting but at least, sth diff :p

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