Thursday, October 17, 2013

Scalp & Hair Treatment @ Q Hair Works

The weather had been scorching hot lately and for a girl who has sensitive skin like me....I mean sensitive scalp suffering from the itchiness and dandruff  >.<  . I was really thankful when I got a sponsored hair review for both Scalp and Hair Treatment from Q Hair Works last week....they're just in time for the rescue of my itchy scalp! *happy*

Interior pic #1

#Interior pic #2

I was in their Hair Spa room awaiting for treatment

Good thing about this Hair Spa Room is that they're separated area and chemical free....we were in the room free of chemical work which I like it a lot! I really hate the odor of chemical service especially hair colouring...I always wanted to wear a mask if possible every time I go to hair saloon! 

I was told that I was given the most left box for my hair treatment.

The same brand : Medavita was used for my scalp treatment too.

Natural ingredient like cinnamon, mint,  etc were used.

The scalp treatment is good...I didn't feel any itchiness on my scalp since the treatment last's really annoying to have a sensitive body like me guess I need to visit hair saloon more often....

After the treatment they give me a look on the temporary perm!

Before and after

Newsflash!! :  you'll get a 30% off on ALL hair services if you mention my name! 

Q Hair Works
22,1st Floor Jalan 17/54
46400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
(located upstair of Bavarian Bierhaus)

Contact: 03-7931 6168
Email  :

Or like their Facebook page for more information.


HenRy LeE said...

Nice curls!!! :D

Emma said...

thanks Henry! xd

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