Saturday, November 02, 2013

Thai Caffeiness @ Doi Chaang

It was just another tea time on a casual Saturday. I'm a huge fans of Starbucks but this time instead going to where we usually do, we went to someplace different - Doi Chaang, located at Jaya One.

The boyfriend and I always wanted to try this coffee originated from Thailand during our last trip to Phuket but didn't know why the GPS just can't show the right location! Alright fine...then after the boyfriend discovered that there's a branch opening in Malaysia which is located in Jaya One then we know that we must try it!  

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The Iced Coffee that I ordered

The boyf ordered the brewed coffee - Peaberry

I'm not a really coffee person and I didn't taste this Peaberry, I know's kind of their premium coffee but my stomach couldn't handle it without sugar! The boyfie wanna consume it with the original taste >.< ; but I love their ice coffee as there's extra coffee aroma than normal coffee, this makes the Thai Coffee more special :) .

One bad thing about this coffee shop is it's relatively small.

The seats for customers.

Taken the whole shop at the entrance.

The coffee shop definitely will be very noisy if there's a bunch of chit-chatters visit. We were lucky that there weren't many this type of customers visited the same day we did. 

The boyfie playing with my iPad.

Some not so "candid" shot by the boyfie lol...

The silly brother joined us later. 

As far as I know currently there's only one branch in Malaysia, located in Jaya One near Pos Laju. Till then, happy weekends and happy holidays! :D

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