Thursday, December 25, 2014

Celebrate this Festive Season with Foodpanda!

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you're enjoying your holiday! ♥ 

This is the month of celebration! I'm so looking forward of hanging out with friends but there's another thing I'm worried about - the TRAFFIC, and the CROWD, if you're lazy person to drive all the way out to hunt for good food or cook, there's Foodpanda comes to rescue! You could still celebrate and have great bonding session with your friends and family. Special thanks to The Butterfly Project n Foodpanda for this!

The last order that I made was few days ago, we had a very small reunion in the house for winter solstice. 

Just register an account, choose your area, find your favourite restaurant and place an order!

Check the video below for the detail on food ordering:-

I placed an order on the most voted restaurants (voted among us not the ranking okay :p) -"The Gastro Project".

Received a confirmation SMS after I placed the order.

There was once I didn't receive this, I dropped an message on the website in "live chat", and they send the SMS to me after that. You may choose to call them too. 

The delivery man arrived in less than an hour!!!

The time of food arrival is really depending, usually I receive it in the range of 30 - 60 mins. 

Food arrived faster than my friend. =.=

So I unboxed them and captured some pics while waiting for my friend to arrive.

The TGP Burger

Original Cheese Burger

Luscious Mushroom Pie

Nom nom! 

The food was still warm and the burgers were not messed like I pictured. The delivery man has good skill of driving haha! ALL IN GOOD SHAPE!!! #thumbsup

(if you've sharp eyes you would notice some potato wedges went missing, yes Xiang couldn't wait and stole them while I was taking picture)

Not really a fan of burger, Mushroom pie was my pick!

And glutinous rice ball for our dessert! 

For more information you may check out:

Foodpanda website - 

OR download foodpanda app on mobile for easy ordering:


Nick said...

wow! yummy!

henry tan said...

try order tofu and see if is still in one piece or not! test the driving skill! hahaha

30 Days Money Challenge here!!

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