Monday, February 15, 2016

Biweekly Favourites

Hello there, it's time for another Biweekly Favourites! I thought I was not going to update it on time with all the Chinese New Year busy-ness and stuffs, I was surprised that I could actually still keep it up! So far so good :). 

Check out my favourites for the past two weeks!

Favourite Quote:

A great reminder for myself, for playing different roles in many fields. I always find it very struggling with jobs, study, piano practice, blogging and even house chores. I couldn't split myself like Naruto and do so many at one time. I get the inspirations from this quote, "discipline" is the key. 

Favourite Article:

This is an article for memorization, the whole topic is about how to secure our memorizations. I find it very helpful to me. Even though it's for musicians especially pianists cause we've tons of music to be memorized, but I guess it's helpful for those who're studying or trying to improve their memory too.

Favourite Snack:

To be honest, I think no one will ever resists this Once A Year CNY snacks. Pineapple tarts and peanut biscuits are my favourite! I've gained some weights from this, well it happens every year. :(

Favourite Drink:

Influenced by Xiang, this Chrystathemum Tea is my favourite! It's not as healthy but it's still better than soft drinks, least it's less sugar, and no preservatives.

Favourite Hair Product:

I've been using quite a lot of dry shampoo for the past month, when the weather started to turn to broiling hot! Sometimes I sweat more than usual so dry shampoo is my rescue. I'll still shampoo off at the end of the day because I don't like the feeling of hair product sticking on my scalp. 

Favourite Food:

Well it's not exactly my favourite food cause pork isn't my thing. Xiang and I had our Valentine's Day lunch at Ante, and he ordered this pork steak. He was so excited over the amazing taste of this pork steak and kept on asking who recommended me this restaurant. I had only 1 bite it's very juicy and meaty taste hahaha! Well it somehow taste like beef steak if I've to say. 

Xiang's verdit: It's better than most of the regular beef steak; tender, juicy and chewy! 

Favourite YouTube Video:

Watched quite a few of organization and cleaning video to get some inspirations and tips for spring cleaning before Chinese New year, and this is my favourite one!

Favourite Music:

That's all for today's favourites, may the new year brings you prosperity, joy, health and wealth! ♥♥
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