Friday, July 22, 2011

The Myth of Make Up Remover

Girls, don't think that you could skip this post even though you do not apply make up. Yes, you should read this!

For Make Up Girls:
It's very important for you to remove make up properly, I bet most of the girls know that eye/lip and normal face make up remover is different. 

Recommendation products for make up girls:
If you had notice, my recommendation products for make up girls are mainly Cleansing Oil. Cleansing Oil could remove the make up (even heavy make up properly).
1. Hada Labo

2. Ettusais

3. Shu Umera

Recommendation products for non - make up girls:
Yes! You have to remove make up even though you're not putting on any make up. Why?
Because you can't imagine how scary the dust and the pollution level nowadays! However, you could do it in easier way (Normally I just using the water-base make up remover or facial cleansing wipes)
1. Simple

2. Biore

 3. Mandom Cleansing Express (Water Based)

What happened to your face if you didn't remove make up properly?
1. Acne problem
2. Sensitive
3. Dullness
4. Aging
5. Irritation

So, remember that removing make up is as important as washing your face too!


jamie writes said...
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Venusa said...
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bluedianthus said...

Yes, it is very important to remove your makeup. I myself took few minutes to remove my makeup even though sometimes I was soo sleepy..

Ronaldmohoni said...

nice tips.

Miss N said...

Agree, but which brand is better?.. I always couldnt get my face completely clean from the left over make-up.

Emma said...

@Miss N, my post got few recommendations for different girls.

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