Friday, July 08, 2011

Perfect X Simple Evening with Hada Labo

This is the second Hada Labo events with their fans. This year, over 100 fans attending this event at Full House, Sunway Giza. I was one of the lucky fans who able to attend this big event :D

After had the goodies bag upon registration, Hada Labo crew took this pic for me, it's kinda far right? Hmmm...
Upon registration, each of us being divided into different groups by color and get some goodies from the crew. Some Hada Labo samples and a choice of the latest magazine! Wow...feel so happy before the event start.
Taking pics with friends before the event started
Pic session with the Amcee of the night, Chui Ling!
Opening show with drums by the pure japanese!

Meeting with the 14 perfect match ladies.
See the crowd? it's really FULL HOUSE!
After had some dinners, they had the little gaming session with us. There were tons of Hada Labo products given out for the winner groups of the games! Wow....Hada Labo is generous to us! hahaha....
One of the gaming session, puzzle, we didn't made to the fastest one. =.=
We then take turns to play the games and do some shopping with Hada Labo by groups. Had some fun in the game hehe... but of course, shopping is utmost important~! wakakaa...
Shopping time! Fans are so lucky to buy the Hada Labo products with cheap price!hoho~!
Lucky draw session, so sad I was not that lucky T.T, the gift worth >RM100! T.T
Met some new pretty friends there, hehe.....All of them look so great!

With Stacey..
Meeting new friends, except 1 of them lol...nice meeting you all girls!
Not to forget take pic with the gorgeous Japanese Hada Labo Ambassador! She's super pretty!
I love Hada Labo!
Spent almost RM200 for the shopping!
Wakaka, time to reveal my lucky winning product, the latest cleansing oil! hehe...
It was really a great night spent with Hada Labo, but it's kinda crowded...But I'm kinda happy cz able to meet some new pretty friends and Chui Ling! Definitely I'll aim for the event by Hada Labo next year, can't wait for it :D


SneakyLily said...

Wow, so lucky, I'd love to go to this kind of event. How did you get involved?
I love hada-labo, currently use the lotion and want to try the lip balm and retinol line (just checked it out in guardian today actually)

Camie said...

Sneaky Lily ~ You've gotta check out Hada Labo's FB page ~ they often have these kinda event

Venusa said...

yes @sneakylily, just stay tune to their FB. hope they'll have more events coming.

Ronaldmohoni said...

hmm, hada labo? awesome

David said...

Love to go for this kind of event.

Adrian said...

WOW! Hada Labo event :D awesome maxx
and u met the local EMCEE hahaha :D

Venusa said...

haha yaya guys it was fun!

meichi said... seems fun...i really love hada labo too...

Venusa said...

@mei chi, ya it was fun :D

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