Friday, September 09, 2011

My First Hennessy Night with MHB @ Phuture, Zouk KL

Last Saturday Night, I was invited to a very special VVIP style at the balcony of Phuture, Zouk KL, in courtesy of Hennessy VSOP! We were so grateful that MHB (Malaysia's Hottest Blogger) had won the "My Hennessy Night" Contest from Hennessy Malaysia .

Before the party get started...
Hennessy VSOP!!! And it's so damn big! Love it mix with ginger ale :D 
Let's get party started!
With Naomi and Erica
Taking pic when every1 is so into party mode!
Alex! I'll rmb this! Next time your turn 30 secs!
And you know what, you still stand a chance to win "My Hennessy Night" Party and party like us too! Just join Hennessy in facebook and find out how! Good luck peeps!


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

so sexay! n enjoy partay-ing aye! :D

shii teck said...

nice event!! =)

cutebun said...

LOL. Awesome party and how's the drink straight from the bottle?

Anne Lee said...

sexc girls..

Thristhan said...

Wow, what a great event. All that Hennessy must be tasty. Too many nice legs there, I'll start drooling.

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