Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What is your Bed Time?

The Night still Young? We always heard this every night, especially weekends right?

Party Time? Pillow Talk? Supper Time? Staying up late for Korean Dramas? I know all these are fun, but is a BIG BIG no for skin!

You know what, first thing we could think of sleeping late is, PANDA EYES.

This is NOT the only thing you have to worry about....

What else?? Scroll down if you really care...
1. Skin dullness
2. Accelerate the ageing process
3. Pigmentation (Yes, stay up late in the night will cause pigmentation too! You gotta believe this!)
4. Acne Skin
5. Blackheads/ Whiteheads
6. Gain weight (hah! Did you notice that, you'll get hungry once you sleep late than ur usual bed time?)
7. Gastric 
8. Affect your health condition
9. etc...

For your knowledge, best time of bed time is between 11pm - 1am. This is the time for your body and skin to have rest, and your skin and body will undergo rejunevation and restoring process. So, sleep before 11pm everyday? (Not so possible right LOL!)

I know, youngster tends to stay up late for so many exciting activities, even me too! But....considering my skin n health, I'll always try to sleep as early as I can! :D

Some tips for staying up late:
1. Prepare some hot drink
2. Avoid too much of coffee! (I know is a must especially when you burn the midnight oil for exams, just try not to consume too much as coffee really not good for you stomachieeeee)
3. Please consume some food
4. Don't skip the breakfast the next morning
5. Consume enough of plain water
6. Consume Vitamin A ( to help on better skin n eye) 
7. Remember to remove your make you and cleanse your face properly!

Love yourself, love your skin


Ryan said...


Maple AKI あき δΊžη΄€ said...

Awww,this post is really useful to me. loll

ken said...

weekdays.. 12am.. weekends.. erm.. 1am+ :)

Camy said...

thanks for sharing the tips. i just fall sick last week cause sleeping late everyday for exam =X

Emma said...

wow, looks like no one sleep before 11pm nowadays! LOLx

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