Sunday, August 12, 2012

ARIMINO - The Care for Asian Hair

Always seeing me with black hair??? Well, who doesn't want trendy hair like those celebrities? Pink, yellow, green, blue.....wish I could try EVERY colours on my hair....

Katy Perry

Lady Gaga

Kelly Osbourne 


Kate Bosworth ( the hair I wanted the most! :< )

Sadly and proudly to say that my hair is still "VIRGIN" to colour. Yes I never dye my hair before..!!! Proud thing is my hair is that naturally BLACK; Sad thing is....I can't do too much chemical on my hair.... Cuz I have quite sensitive hair scalp which bothers me A LOT! Due to the lack of confidence to the chemical products out there, I'm too fearful to try colouring. Sumore it involves bleaching process for some light colours. NAH! Tears will shed and my scalp will bleed! NO WAY! 

About a month ago, I discovered a solution - ARIMINO. This product brings the same concept like what I have to my skin and hair, CARE. It established 65 years ago in Tokyo Japan.

I was delighted to be invited to their studio (it's for invited guests only), offering me a chance to try out this one of the TOP 3 Japanese hair salon products. 

The studio ( all ranges of products are available! )

Arimino aim to care for ASIAN hair.

Loving the concept that while achieving beautiful AND healthy looks. They have almost COMPLETE ranges of products from scalp care, to hair styling to hair chemical...!

Spice neo (Styling) range carry the most adorable packaging which I love the most! 

Sherpa (Chemical Care), the winner of the Japan Packaging Competition 2011


AND ETC.......... more products check out their website .

My scalp is still very sensitive so the hairstylist started from the basic, CARE. And that's what I needed. No products that could 100% suit me, not that I know from the market yet.

The hair stylist introduced this new range of scalp care range for me, BAMBOO. 

TIP that I never know : The hairstylist applied the BAMBOO scalp shampoo DIRECTLY to my scalp! 

According to her, "SCALP" shampoo is meant for "SCALP" , not for the "HAIR". It'll dry out the hair if we uses the scalp shampoo for the hair. Felt very refreshing and forgot I'm having sensitive scalp every time after I used the products. I had both scalp and hair treatment, pampering session from ARIMINO with the Japanese point massage was a bliss 

For more check out ARIMINO FB . Their products are available in most of the hair salons in Malaysia. One more choice when you visit the hair salon for a hair change, perhaps? 


Henry Tan said...

whats the difference? darker? lol

Emma said...

Difference is on the scalp, and hair treatment for softer, radiant hair. :)

Mr Lonely said...

no need make up edi very beautiful~

Xue Ren said...

ur hair looks pretty good and healthy!! :)

Emma said...

thanks @mr. lonely n xue ren! =D

Anonymous said...

Where's this saloon?

Emma said...

Hi Anonymous,

This wasn't a saloon but you can find their product in most of the hair saloon! :D

Baby Shy said...

Hey Emma , Can This Shampoo Be Using For A Bleached Blonde Hair ?

Emma said...

Hi Baby Shy, I think it shouldn't be a prob, this shampoo is applied directly to the scalp. :)

Yakinican said...

That's the kind of image that I really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of great images in the world.

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