Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tunk-Ka Food & View | Phuket

#1 Khao Rang Hill (Viewpoint)

#2 Feeding the monkey


Drove to Khao Rang Hill (or Khao Rang Breeze they called it) during the mid noon, the view from the high altitude was pretty amazing; and better still, there was an authentic Thai Restaurant located in the middle heart of the hill. Traipsing further, I discovered this restaurant - Tunk Ka .

#4 TUNK - KA

#5 Mini adventure to the restaurant

#6 Curious during the mini journey to the restaurant

#7 The main door, like a mini forest!

#8 Indoor and outdoor dining area, gorgeous view from the Khao Rang Hill

#9 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED coffee!!! Tunk-ka Ice Coffee.

#10 Tomato Juice ( not that tasty, it's healthy :p )

#11 Very tasty Tunk-Ka special coffee! Didn't know that coffee is 1 of the remedy of PEDASNESS!

# 12 White Tom Yam Soup

#13 Keng Som (Fish)

#14 Som Tam (which is Thai-styled salad)

#15 Part of the Chili Padi that I took from the dishes, I'm a championnnnnnn!

What a bliss to enjoy the AUTHENTIC + PEDAS Thai Food at the very gorgeous restaurant with such a nice view of the mountains, sea and city of Phuket. :)  . FRESH seafoodsssssss, REASONABLE price AND the amount of the seafood in each meal provided are A LOT too!! ONLY PROBLEM is, too much CHILI PADIsssss, #ChallengeAccepted.


missyblurkit said...

Not explored this in gonna try t slot it in when we drive in again this year.

Emma said...

@missyblurkit, you should!

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Sbipk said...

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