Saturday, September 15, 2012

Phuket MUST GO - วัดฉลอง Wat Chalong (Temple Chalong)

สวัสดีค่ะ  Sawadeeka AGAIN!!!! Another blog post on my Phuket trip... sorry cause there are too many places n things to share!  What's most amazing building in Thailand? TEMPLE would be the answer without second thought! วัดฉลอง/ Wat Chalong/ Temple Chalong is one of most popular Buddhist temples in Thailand. This is definitely a worthwhile stop off point and even you don't believe in all this, you should just step by for the amazing building and view! 

Smile with tangled face, that was HOT HOT HOTTTTT!!!!!

Besides incense n candles, flowers are another way of showing respect too. 

Very nice Buddha stories painting on the wall when heading up the temple.

Some pictures of the statues inside the temple:




#4 First time in my life I saw the 舍利子 ( Buddha's relics ) . You might can't see it cause they're in the glass! There're in different colours, shapes, sizes, JUST LIKE DIAMONDS! 

We went up to the temple and this is the BREEZY POINT, on the top of the temple. Unbelievable cause that time was MID DAY. There were like heat-waves on the bottom level of the temple and before entering the temple but amazingly, the top of the building was airy. 

No more tangled face! Windy at the top of the temple yeah! :D

What's more, there is a small area like "garden" from the view at the top of temple.

#1 Pond



วัดฉลอง = WAT CHALONG

Happy Long Weekend EVERYONE! :)

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