Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tea Party with Honeypot, n Girls!


Honeypot, what an adorable and sweet name!! Honey in a pot??? Some kind of dessert?!?'s a waxing boutique!!! Honeypot Wax Boutique is an award winning wax salon which provides treatments include full waxing services. I am very delighted to be invited to their private Tea Party at One Utama. Of course, we gonna experience the waxing with Honeypot too!

Honeypot can be found in 4 countries>>> Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and here, Malaysia!

We had some refreshment before we our waxing treatment. Here started the Tea Party!

#1 Tea party dessert

#2 and my fav guava juice too!

I bet 1 of the top 5 problems that EVERY girls facing is "UNWANTED HAIR" . Legs, armpits, upper n lower lips, even intimate area! Wanted to remove every single one of them cause we girls find them very embarrassing. Waxing is one of the popular method but for me, I never try it on my own due to my sensitive skin. It is always safer to go to the professional waxing salon to do it. 

The therapy room. Love their design of the room esp the mirror n the wallpaper!

As for that day, I did armpits and upper lips waxing. Personally I don't find it painful for the armpits waxing but there is a little pain for the upper lips. Just a little compare to the waxing on armpits. Still, the pain is NOTHING when I see all the unwanted hair is GONE! Guys might not understand why we girls suffer so much for this kind of nonsense stuff but girls, I bet you do understand! ;) 

The products they using for the waxing session

Pinky pinky wax and got a sweet taste! Esp when applied on my upper lips, I felt like noming it!!! LOL! 

The cherry pie wax they used. No wonder so "tasty" !

Picture with Elyse, the PR girl

Me and the products. :)

Meow~~~`meet kitties Magdeline, Kay and my sis Johanna!!


Honeypot Wax Boutique (1 Utama):
S119b, 2nd Floor,
Old Wing,
One Utama Shopping Centre.

Contact :
03-77295598 (for reservation)

Working hours :
Mon - Sun 1030am - 0900pm

Facebook :
Website :

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