Monday, October 01, 2012

Daily Eye Makeup Look

Hello Monday, girls! It's been a while that I updated make up posts; always lazy to take photos when I applying make up, it's troublesome! I will try to do more make up posts, I WILL TRY! =D

Today's make up post products are Kate. Remember back in time when I was in school, Kate has always been best friend's favourite eye shadow pick. She just loves and the colour simplicity of the colour combination! The eye shadow always in 4 colours, matching and yet sophisticated. 

Metallic-Goldenish colours

Face with the base foundation (just applied a thin layer of compact foundation :) )

I just used 3 of the colours, numbered 1, 2 and 3

Applying the colours on the eyelid following the colours numbered.

Left eye with the Eye Shadow! Love the number 3 colour, it's like the very natural "Eye Liner"

Then it's eye liner time! (Here I'm using Kate's Super Sharp Liner, Colour : Black )

Applied very thin layer of eye liner, can draw a VERY FINE line! 

Lastly apply the mascara and the daily make up look done!  =D

Normally I feel awkward to apply eye shadow on daily make up routine as I find it's too exaggerate. However even the colours look so "Metallic" but it definitely looks natural and yet shimmering! Loving the golden-ish colours as it could be used for daily make up look!  


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

always love natural make up look! :p

Anonymous said...

can't really see the color though. Is it for daytime look?

Emma said...

@Caroline, me too!

@anonymous: yeah I know, it's very natural even it's metallic colours, for night time I think we could apply thicker eye liner and add strong colours! =D

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