Monday, October 08, 2012


This is a very outdated post, I actually went Penang before Phuket. I sincerely apologize for the delayed update for my Penang Trip! I have an excuse for this, because I was WAITING for more photos from my friend. Really regret that I listened to him and didn't took my camera...... I had a lot of nice photos in his camera captured at Amelia Street! Sobbbbbbssss :( , he only uploaded few, and whenever I asked him for the photos, he will ignore my message. So I decided wait no more, gonna blog for it NOW..... Luckily I took a few pictures with my Samsung Galaxy Note, thanks to my phone! 

The main purpose of visiting Penang is to attend a pretty friend's wedding! Congrats to Mei Mei.... I am sure that you're having a blissful marriage now! :D

Petite x Pretty Bride 

The wedding was held at Ming Garden, Times Square, Penang.


Well other than attending the wedding, how can I miss the Jalan Jalan + Makan Makan trip at Penang??

Penang Signature Food! ABC n Laksa! Nommmmmmm nommmmm......

Then Amelia Street.......What a wonderful and cultural street with all kind of nice painting on the wall....

This picture was taken from my phone! Not from internet I swear!!! 

I'm sure most of you have seen this, it is very popoular art piece of Penang. There were rumours that this nice art work being vandalised! So sadddd.... honestly I don't understand what's human thinking nowadays. How could they evil thing to such beautiful art???? T_T

Taken at one of the shop at Amelia Street, this uncle was playing GU-ZHENG very soulfully......
And all funny kind of "ENVOLOPE"!!!! Which one do u need? Hahaaaa!!!! I think I only need "辛苦钱" LOL! 

Another beautiful art piece at the wall made by steel!! NOODLE ANYONE??? :D

If you understand.....

Till then, Good Night! (Picture from my phone taken at Penang Bridge)


Henry Tan said...

didnt pay me a visit! TT

Emma said...

@Henry, I wish. I only went there for like 2 days.... :(

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