Sunday, October 28, 2012

Breezy Getaway >> Genting!

Thanks to Resort World Genting, I went to Genting with my sister, Johanna for a 2D1N sponsored trip! Yayaaaa this was my first ever sponsored trip =D ! 

If you have been following me on twitter , you would know that I went for this trip on early of October. Everything was well planned by PR from Resort World Genting so I don't have to think what to do for the trip (which I hate the most everytime I go travel hehee...) Theme Park was first in our itinerary, so we entered this with a kiddo heart XD! 

Like a kid in the telphone booth :p

Awkward smile? I feel like a kid by riding this! -.-

My sis enjoyed it?

Fun fun snapping photosss! 

Went for a few roller coaster rides too but didn't take any picture of it! Still, I hate roller coaster to the maxxxx!!!! Can feel my heart stop beating for a few seconds I really hate that feeling :(

After Theme Park we then checked in our room in First World Hotel - WorldClub room. 

Simple design of the room with 2 beds, and located at the highest floor of First World Hotel. 

Dressing table and wardrobe.

The bathroom.

Spent some time watching TV, cold weather made ppl lazy.

Small sofa beside the TV. 

More updates soon on SnowWorld, Freeze 2 and Genting Food! Stay tune! 

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