Monday, November 05, 2012

Snow World!

It's Snowinggggg!!!!!!!! I love love love AND love ! Hahaaa! You can't tell how much I love cold places, and how fascinating is the SNOW to me! /XD . There's a place call the SNOW HEAVEN in Malaysia now,  Snow World Genting!!!! If you have read my previous post you would know I'm gonna blog about this, so thankful that Snow World was one of the activity in the itinerary! 

Well, I would rather call it a refrigerator. NO! Snow World is even cooler than a fridge! I was informed that the temperature is gonna to be -6°C but when I was there, it was -8°C !!! Heheee... the cooler the better! I think I am a weirdo LOL!

All dressed up! Jackets, boots and gloves were provided. Better wear LONG PANTS, it was really that icy-cold! 

Saw my happy face? Enjoyed myself in this Wintery Snow World :p

The decorations really made you feel like you're walking in the street of a snowing country!


The durations for each session is 40 minutes, I stayed all the 40 minutes long! Some just couldn't bear it and walked out before the session ends. How long could you bear with it then?

Jumping shots with the sister! Yayyyyyy! 

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