Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grow Longer Lashes, NO More Fake Lashes! [L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum]

If you been following me on twitter , you would know that I've been whining about that I got the "Eyelash Fall" issue . Imagine that there is only ONE eyelash, drop inside your eye and you couldn't get it out for over half and hour, that is really the PAIN IN THE ASS! Sorry for being rude but that's the fact, :( . There was once that both of my eyes were filled with 1 eyelash each, I thought that was some kind of dirt but it was not /omg .

Till I meet this product, L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum. It is indisputably a savior to my eyes, and eyelash! :D
The packaging of this products looks like a mascara.

Open the cover.............

And tadaaaaaa!!!
Don't mistaken, it is not a mascara.

The applicator is dip inside the serum, so we just have to open the cover and apply it like applying the mascara, TWICE a day! 

Not to mention that product could PROTECT the lashes, it could also SUPPLY the ENERGY necessary for lash development (with Pro-Vitamin B5 + Pro-peptide + Arginine) and LIMIT the eyelash loss (with Madecassoside) . 

The correct way of applying, on a clean and bare lashes.

Keep my routine twice a days everyday.....

Day :
-To protect the lashes from external aggression
-To ensuer that the lashes are more luminious and more attractive

(key phase in cellular regeneration)
-The system undergoes truly intense cellular renewal.
- The system produces the hormones essential to proper physiological balance the following day.
- This is the natural time for synthesis of growth hormones.

AFTER 10 DAYS.........

before after
See, LONGER, FULLER and more INTENSE lashes!

To be honest, I don't actually believe that my lashes will grow longer in such a short period. Till I take photos to do the comparison, ya, this mascara-like serum is a magic! 

Of course the result will be better if you use it for a longer period consistently. In a month, lashes will be 94% stronger, 63% longer and fuller. Furthermore, the fringe of lashes will be 81% more abundant and 97% less eyelash loss during make-up removal. Yeah yeah, no more eyelash fall issue!!!! So far I didn't experience any discomfort in my eye which caused by my eyelash fall after I started to use this product. *happy girl* teheee...:p 

More intense and dazzling lashes. *_*

My favourite product now :)

Just applied a thin layer of mascara, and it looks like I'm wearing fake lashes!

Selca shot with only mascara on.


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Till then....xoxo

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