Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hong Kong Day 3 : Ngong Ping 360

Finally....I'm blogging about Hong Kong Day 3!! It's like taking me forever to finish my Hong Kong post >.< . We actually follow what we planned and we bought the ticket first day when we arrived in Hong Kong.  If you're opt for cheaper ticket entrance and if you don't mind finding the travel agency in Hong Kong, you may refer to my previous blog post here >> .

Well...there's too many photos I really can't believe it so I just gonna add in the food pictures on some of my blog post ( for nice food and must eat I'll blog it separately so don't worry! :p ).

So we heard that the earlier we get to Ngong Ping 360, the better, we then just choose the simple food for our breakfast nearby our hotel which is located at Tai Kok Tsui

The porridge shop - Dai Shi Fu (大师傅)

Part of the menu.

Sliced fish porridge with maize ( HKD 18) for him.

Abalone slice and maize porridge for me ( HKD 24 ).

Surprisingly bigger Abalone slice than I expected...but I guess is can abalone I'm not sure too XD.

And add on yaw char guai which is not that nice (a bit hard cause it's not served directly after deep fried).

Overall the porridge was quite okay (quite smooth with adequate amount of ingredient) but the yaw char guai not so nice... 

Some other food you may find in this restaurant. 

After breakfast we directly headed to Olympic MTR and take the train to Tung Chung station....Ngong Ping 360 is our first destination for Day 3 :) . 

We chose the Crystal Cable Car with glass bottom! Trust me pay a little bit more and you could experience something different :p

What this guy thinking while looking down?

Hehe....selca time as the time to travel up the hill is not that short  (around 20 -30 mins if not mistaken )

Hong Kong morning view!

Me try looking down........worrying about height as this is my first time experience with see-through bottom cable car.

Amazing view down there! 

We caught the view of Tian Tan Big Buddha statue when we were at the cable car terminal.

Ngong Ping Village - the first area we entered after the cable car ride.

Me at one of the small "bridge" in Ngong Ping Village.

Time to make a wish?

Ngong Ping village is a cultural village with quite a few of restaurants and cafes but our aim is to reach the Tian Tan Buddha. One can opt for the vegetarian meal where you could buy the coupon/ voucher beside the entrance of the stairs. 

Alright time for a break with Tau Fu Fah with ginger sauce!

Nom nommmmm.....

It's almost there!!

Need to climb sumore??? Phewww~~~ /-.-

There's 268 steps!

Finally we reached the top!!! Oh my god I already tired's weird that the weather at the top is not that cooling compare to the ground. Better wear a T-shirt with jacket so that you could take off when you reach the top (we traveled during the month of Jan the weather range is from 16 - 24 degree Celsius). And the boyf and I were sweating when we reached the top.... =.=

Close up look of Tian Tan Buddha #1

Close up look of Tian Tan Buddha #2

Buddhistic statues praising and making offerings to the Tian Tan Buddha.

The view from the top is breath-taking...

What a mesmerizing capture....

There are so many tourists climbing up while we were done enjoying the serenity and gorgeous view!

Another 20-30 mins of enjoying the panoramic view in the Crystal Cable Car....

Managed to capture this nice Hong Kong view. :)

Travel Tips:
1. Transportation : MTR (Olympic station >> Tung Chung station).

2. The earlier the better, even before 12pm the queue was long.

3. Wear T-shirt with jacket so that you could take off if you feel hot at the top of the hill.

4. Advisable to wear comfortable shoe as you need to walk quite a distance + climbing.

5. Do drop by Citygate shopping mall after Ngong Ping 360 tour.


HenRy LeE said...

looking at your photos making me want to go to HK soon! :D

Emma said...

just go Henry! :D

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