Saturday, May 02, 2015

My Daily Sun Protection Essentials

Who can survive without sunscreen products in this all year summer country in Malaysia?


I'll feel naked if I don't put any sunscreen on even though when I'm indoor. I only work from home and practice the piano when I don't have to go out for classes. Still, I will use sunscreen products. I'm a typical type of "candle princess". 

Received the latest sunscreen product from SUNPLAY-  SkinAqua UV Watery Essence

Other than its highly protective SPF50+ and PA++++, it contains Vitamin C which helps in whitening too! 

With its high SPF and 4+s in PA, it works 16 times better against premature aging! And best of all is it has no colorant and mineral oil, and it has the breathable ultra light texture! The texture is very potent as we're using it everyday. I don't have to worry after clogged pores using this at all, there was once a sunscreen product caused the pimple/blackhead growing on my face. It took me a long time to remove all of them! 

This SOLAREX-3 is the new technology providing 3-in-1 UV defense, protecting our skin against sun damage, skin aging and dryness.

Love its texture to the max, so so watery and light.

I barely feels anything after the application, it's even lighter than some moisturizer. 

(Note: This sunblock is only for daily use not for outdoor sports) 

These are my daily sun protection essentials! I can't live without any of them!

This is my look whenever I go out for work/ classes, I don't mind if my students see me like this, what I care more about is my skin. I've never skip the sun protection in my skin care regime since I found a tiny dark spot on my right cheek. It's so heartache to see that but it's never too late to take care of our skin, you've no idea how harmful UV rays could do to our beautiful skin.

Till then, ♥♥

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Ankita Saxena said...

I was looking for articles on Best Facial in Dubai and I came across yours inspiring read. Great post!

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