Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Herbal Skincare - Belif

Attended a newly launched Korean skincare event a while ago at Sunway Pyramid. The most attractive part of this brand is that they are called a ''True Herbal Cosmetic'' brand. By having a slight sensitive skin, I didn't know what kind of chemical could irritate my skin. More than 90% of my skincare are free of fragrances, mineral oil, preservatives etc etc... I was so delightful when I discovered this skincare brand with ONLY natural ingredients used! 

is using an unique formulating philosophy that marries apothecary traditions and Korean skincare technology to provide care and efficacy for the skin. With promising natural ingredients used (mainly herbs), my skin is more than happy!

They has a wide range of products from basic skincare to facial oil, masks, body, sun protection, an even men! Too many to choose from. They have almost everything that our skin and body needed. 

For cost effectiveness, their packaging is rather simple. I was quite confusing as they all look the same to me! Needed to read the label on the packaging to find the products I'm looking for.

These are their top 5 products.

Simple and nice packaging, I like!

Belif's philosophy is Real, Simple, and Sincere. They minimize packaging and advertisements, and eliminate harmful synthetic substances.

Random question, how do I look in my new hairstyle? 

I've some feedback which is 50-50. Some people like me in this new look and some don't. I'm still considering to keep it this way or change back to the hairstyle I used to have. #dilemma

These top 2 bestseller were sponsored.

And this, I went back to their store and purchased it! :p

Top 1 on their bestseller: The True Cream - Aqua Bomb
(RM 155)

Ultra-lightweight texture, highly recommend this for the all year summer like Malaysia.

My skin is consider dry combination and it absorbs pretty quick! Very refreshing and cooling, most importantly it doesn't feel sticky AT ALL! Even guys may consider this too. 

Extra point to this product: Pore minimizing with the formula contains of apothecary herbs which including the antioxidant agent. 

Top 2 on their bestseller: The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb
(RM 155)

It's texture is not as light as the aqua bomb, but it isn't the heavy one. 

If you want to have longer moisture effect for your skin, this is the one. It is clinically tested to provide the moisture for the skin last up to 26 hours with the used of unique formula to leave the skin deeply moisturized. My thirsty skin absorbs this pretty quick too! No feeling of burdens at all. 

I personally love the aqua bomb more, so light and hydrating! They both smells incredibly nice with the herbs used too! Instantly feel relaxed after a long day of....piano practice and work. :) 

Both can be used as a 5 mins emergency hydrating mask: Apply generously to the skin and tissue off.

Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist (RM 95) 

I aimed this product during the media launch, but I couldn't buy it yet as the store only open the next day. Purposely went back to their store for this! It looks amazing and it looks like could last so much longer than the regular drug store cleanser. I really hate it when my cleanser finish up so quickly and needa restock from time to time. Hope this could last me longer, at least 4 months I bet, and the promoter told me this could last me up to 6 months (160 ml). I hope she was right. 

A tiny drop is sufficient for the entire face. Smells good too! :)

Very gentle cleanser to the skin, leaving my skin supple too. :)

For more information please head over to their:-

1. Facebook:

2. Website:

3. Store Address: Lot G1.82, Sunway Pyramid


Anonymous said...

Where you get those?

Anonymous said...

I think u need to learn some make up skill....

Ailany Zabidin | Urban Hippie KL said...

Their packaging looks sooo cute! but their price point is slightly on the higher side though, sigh there goes my pocket money :(

follow me back pls! :)

Emma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emma said...

@anonymous, from Sunway Pyramid :)

@anonymous, that wasn't my usual makeup, I did it over a beauty counter then I wiped off the lipstick. I feel weird about this makeup too but we shouldn't restrict ourselves to only one makeup style right? :)

@Ailany, there are some products actually are more cost effective, like the cleanser. I really use a tiny bit for my entire face! I think it sure can last me for long! :p

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