Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Bifesta Makeup Remover Cotton Wipes

Every girl must own cleansing wipes!!! I never hard sell a cleansing wipes before but this product that I discovered is too good not to be shared!

It's the Makeup Remover Cotton Wipes from Bifesta

This pink one (Moist Cleansing Sheet) is for NORMAL & DRY SKIN.

They've another blue one is for combination skin. I'm glad I grabbed the pink one although I've combination skin, their wipes don't cause breakouts or acne on my T-zone area. I grabbed mine at SASA, you could find them in many drugstores like Watson, Guardian etc (normal price RM 24.90).

Pic from Bifesta FB

I've always encountered an issue when using cleansing wipes, they'll start to dry out before you finish using them. The last few pieces usually are too dry to wipe off my makeup, I'll need to ''transform'' them to use as "dry tissue".

However, this WATER-BASED cleansing wipes, is so moisturizing!! Never use a cleaning wipes like this before I'm in love the first time using it. Wiping off makeup becomes easier, so much easier!! My skin feels moisturized and sparkling clean after removing my usual light makeup with eyeliner and waterproof mascara.  ♥♥

Plastic cap design. Paranoid me will quickly close the cap once I took a piece from it. >.<

The scent is the same as their cleansing water, these wipes are just like the cotton wipes dipped into their cleansing water. Of course they're oil free, colorant free and fragrance free too. :)

It has 46 sheets in it and it feels heavier for me too. Didn't know if it's really heavier heh!

Till then, ♥♥

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Indira W said...

Love the fact it moisturizing your skin after use that.


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