Tuesday, August 18, 2015


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Honored to be still receiving a couple of product review invitations even though I've been procrastinate on blogging lately, now that I'm back and I'm going to clear up all the pending posts as soon as possible! 

First off will be the review of Muffin's beauty box.

Muffin.my is the first beauty platform in Malaysia to find and share beauty reviews. The club members will be able to enjoy wide range of benefits such as receiving free products to review, exclusive invitation to workshop and beauty events etc. Anyone can join! Review products on their website, earn points, and redeem products for free! 

Products inside the beauty box.

Product that I received:-

  • ePure Membranous Jelly Masque
  • SilkyGirl Moisture Balm Lipcolor
  • Purevivi Cleansing Lotion 
  • 2 Fcup Strawberry cookies
  • Some samples!

Two of the full-sized products to be reviewed on this post, Purevivi Cleansing Lotion & SilkyGirl Moisture Balm Lipcolor.

Purevivi Cleansing Lotion (RM 48.90, 500 ml)

The cleansing lotion made in Japan is free of the following substance:
  • Fragrance
  • Colour
  • Oil
  • Paraben
  • Alcohol
  • Surfactant

I love product like this, less burden to my sensitive skin, personally love the ingredient used mainly are from fruits' extracts, especially love the Aloe extract which has calming effect to the skin.

The texture is clear liquid with the scent of.....didn't really know how to describe, some chemical free skincare scent? If you've been loving chemical free products you would know what I meant. 

Let's try to remove this waterproof eyeliner!

Application is simple, wet a cotton pad with the cleansing lotion.

After a few wipes, the eyeliner is gone!

The cleansing lotion is almost weightless although I could feel my skin is moisturized after using it. I would say this product is value for money with only RM 48.90 for 500 ml! It's available in Watson, Aeon Wellness and Sasa. 


SilkyGirl Moisture Balm Lipcolor, RM 19.90

It's a lipbalm + lipstick.

To be honest, I'm not a lipstick person. I've no idea how to move my lips when conversing to someone if I'm using a lipstick? Haha...I need to learn! 

The colour I received is in Apricot, 04.

Although the shade is in Apricot but the colour is more towards orangy, suitable for Asian-Chinese skin. For it's a 2 in 1 lipstick, I skip lipbalm application beforehand. Usually I won't, my lips will be flaky and dry on an usual lipstick. I can't leave my lipstick on for 10 hour long, so I didn't exactly know if the moisture level will be lasting that long. It's moisture enough upon the application, made the application easier and smoother. 

The cons? You'll need multiple application for a better pigmentation.


Jacqueline Khoo said...

Nice review dear! Keep it up :D

Emma said...

glad that you love it, thanks Jacqueline! :)

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