Thursday, August 27, 2015

4-in-1 Laneige Cushions' Makeup Review

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BB Cushions are so popular in Korean makeup, they're the fundamental to achieve that dewy and natural look. Among brands producing BB Cushions, Laneige is one of the brand that I always wanted to try. 

A few weeks ago, I was invited to their Beauty Road with BB Cushion in Mid Valley.

The gorgeous Korean supermodel, Hwang Se-On was there too, she has the perfect and flawless skin!

Korean makeup artist demonstrating how to achieve that flawless and natural look.

The new BB Cushion with Pore Control.

Onto the exciting part, the review:

Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control), Laneige Cushion Highlighter, Watery Cushion Concealer and K-secret Cushion Tint.

First, the BB Cushion Pore Control,
Simple and sophisticated case.

The shade I got is in Natural Beige, No. 21

Like any other BB Cushion it comes with a puff!

First surprise upon opening the packaging is the scent, it smells so so so good! I'm not the expert in describing scent but I'll try...little bit of flowery, it's the relaxing smell. There's no the usual makeup scent in it at all. 

BB Cushion [Pore Control], SPF 50+ PA+++ (15g):

  • Pore Control
  • Pore Coverage
  • Semi-matte finish
  • Water resistant
  • Soothing effect
  • UV protection

I used it a few times after receiving this product from the launch, I presume all the girls know the application of BB Cushion, it can only be dab dab dab it onto the skin! It feels cold as if I were spraying mist onto my skin while applying, this is a bonus point about this BB Cushion. While it's a pore control cushion, it works very well in covering the pores. It lasts good without needing a touch up for more than 6 hours. On one of the day I applied this, I went out for lunch under scorching sun and did some housework after that, it STAYS. This surprise me the usual foundation melts especially on my T-zone area but this doesn't even I sweat. The Pore Purifying Complex formula in it does a good job in removing the sebum. 

The cons?

It doesn't cover the blemishes very well, you'll need a concealer. 

#nofilter , no deep cleansing for more than a week, my blackheads were piling up but they're all covered. Just look at my nose!

My Cushion Colour is in Natural Beige, I'd prefer Pink/ True Beige as I want a brighter skin tone.

First, the Cushion Highlighter,

Cushion Highlighter, SPF 30 PA++ (9g):

Highlighter with sun protection? That's new to me. The case design is same like the BB Cushion but it's smaller in size. It has the same scent like the BB Cushion!

Smaller puff for cushion highlighter.

Not recommended for under eye area as it's shimmery unless you're getting a dramatic look. Best use on the T-zone area. 

Then, the Watery Cushion Concealer,
It's design like a pen, very portable.

With a soft cushion tip!

The first time I used this, the product only flew out after I pressed it for a few dozen times! 

Very high coverage, good in covering the dark circle and blemishes. I would recommend to tap the product onto the palm then only apply to blemishes for hygienic purpose, given if you use one pen to cover both dark circle and blemishes.

Lastly, the K-secret Cushion Tint, 
Shade is in Sweet Orange (5529)

The pigmentation is intensive, creamy texture with powdery finish.

Comes with an applicator. 

Generally just apply the Tint on the center of the lips then even out with the applicator. The colour is over pigmented if apply the tint on the lips alone. 

I only knew not long ago that this tint could be apply to the cheek area with the applicator too!

If I were to choose only one of out these four products, I would go for BB Cushion Pore Control. A Cushion that's perfectly fitting Malaysian woman needs living in all-year-summer country. By just applying the cushion helps the skin and prevent the forming of sebum oxidation and inflammation. Sun screen product is no necessary anymore with the high sun protection factor.

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