Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Best Sunset in Phuket - Promthep Cape

I travelled to Phuket back in June and I'm still writing blog post about my Phuket trip! I'm just such an inefficient blogger..... Hope you all won't get bored reading my posts on my Phuket trip and I swear, this is the LAST POST OF PHUKET! People just love to take tons of photos but when we're back, we're too lazy to organize those photos (I'm one of them /XD) . So I give myself a round applause because I finally done uploaded most of the nice pictures on my blog heheee!!! Read them here if you missed any.

My last post I gonna blog about something really beautiful about Phuket, THE BEST SUNSET EVER!

It's Promthep Cape. Search on GPS and you could find this heaven for sure.

Saw quite a few of tuk tuk cars and buses on the top of the hill, I guess there'll be quite a few of choices of transportation to go to this place since this is one of the popular travel spot. We were driving and using GPS to search for this place. Pretty easy to get to there though . ;p

Promthep Cape is definitely one of the great attraction. Tourists were ready with their cameras/hps to capture the beautiful sunset.

Free WIFI available? I didn't try whether it is working or not cause the sunset not gonna last long...

There were statue too.

All the pictures taken are without any photoshop/ editing/ filter. So now let's enjoy them! :)







Not only the orangy sun is eye alluring, the sound of the waves below the hill hitting the rocks is calming to ears too. I am so in love with this place! This is HEAVEN! If you plan to enjoy the best sunset when you visit Phuket, please go early. I was too indulging myself in this beautiful scenery that I didn't even realized time passes until the sky went dark. I felt like the sun just gone in 5 mins! :(  There were shops and restaurants nearby but I didn't bother to take any photos, the crowd dismiss like a flash when the sun is gone too. 


夕阳无限好, 只是近黄昏。。。Good thing doesn't last forever. Had a very comfort and warm evening with Promthep Cape. 


Kian Fai Koh said...

huhuhu, no worries, usually travel post other people post late geh XD

Marrymeth said...

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Chuen said...

Nice sunset! I went to Angkor Wat but didn't manage to catch them cause it was raining :(

Yuh Jiun said...

wahhhhhh I wanna go phuket also :(

Anonymous said...

Going there next week.. what is the suitable time to be in Promthep Cape to see the sunset? :)

Emma said...

@Anonymous, better go there before 6pm! get a good spot and enjoy cz the sky will be dark at around 7pm.

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