Monday, June 17, 2013

Lan Kwai Fong, 兰桂坊

Wow just realized that there are still many photos that I haven't post for my Hong Kong/ Macau trip, and I haven't start writing anything about Macau trip yet! Hope you're not boring reading my posts about my trip...will try to finish ASAP :p . So everyone knows that Lan Kwai Fong is a MUST MUST GO spot in Hong Kong...and for sure I wouldn't miss that! 

We actually planned to cancel the plan to go Lan Kwai Fong already....really we were both so exhausted from walking for days in the city. But still, after we back at the hotel, we know we can't be a lazy traveller, and we only bought instant noodle for dinner that day since it was already 9 pm ++ when we back at the hotel..Hong Kong is a really hectic city I must say...

Express dinner at the hotel...

I'm like O.M.G why so crowded?!?

Almost all the pubs/bars were full house. Of course it was a Friday night huhuhuuu!!! We couldn't find any pubs that have available seats anymore that's why we bought 2 bottles of Heineken and drink while walking on the street. 

The boy posing with the beers

He took photo while I was drinking, lol funny pose!

Was too rush to put any make up on hope I don't look sleepy in the pictures!! But we're tourists so who cares :p 

There are a lot of nice graffiti and I love them!

Spent the night walking around and experience what's the famous Lan Kwai Fong like...if you're sporting enough you could dance on the street with ang mos but I'm not that sporty lol.... it was okay okay la but I'm not a really clubbing person so I didn't visit any club, I like to chill at the bar more... :p . Felt like there're some part I miss at Lan Kwai Fong hmmm....or I expect too much?  

Travel Tips:
1. Transportation -  Central Station

2. You may check at the information counter/ brochure what is the closing time for MTR, we backed at about 12am that day since the last train from Central Station to Olympic Station is 1245 am. 


HenRy LeE said...

walao so many ppl at lan kwai fong... famous place but a lot of my friends said that it's not that nice actually

YoongLIm said...

u had blogged so many hong kong reviews.

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