Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tune Hotel, Kota Kinabalu

I've been considering whether wanna post this up, cause hmm...not to say it is that awful but still...not a pleasant stay. Actually I read a GOOD REVIEW (a blog post) on this Tune Hotel in KK that's why I booked a night and see how it goes. For me, travellers not only to enjoy the stay but to experience too. Anyway, this post is for your reference, this may be good enough for you, everyone's demand is not the same right? For those who haven't read my first post on KK trip, you may read it here ! :)

I booked it at , it was about 50 MYR per night. Since we reached there quite late on the first night, I thought we could just have a rest and it's still NEW HOTEL, disregard it's budget or not. This hotel is just next to shopping mall. We were driving for the whole KK trip and this hotel didn't even provide any parking. Luckily there were parking space available outside the hotel but we had to pay at around 5 MYR for a night (the parking fee is till next day 9am or 10am, and the parking rate will be different during the day time).   

The reception, and there's 7-11 just next to it.  

What surprised me is that, we had to walk behind the door (which is outside 7-11) and have to take lift behind to get to our room. 

Simple facilities that we bought, including Air-conditioning which is only 12 hours. 

The only best thing is the bed and the pillow, clean, soft & comfortable. :)

The bed room, simple with no toiletries. 

- Next to shopping mall 
- Budget stay
- Clean
- Bed is comfortable

- Parking issue
- Security issue (although there are security lock which requires your room key, but there's still risk when you walk to lift)
- Suitable for travellers with basic needs
- Very poor sound proof 

By the way the second night stay in KK is so amazing, stay tune on this space I'll blog about it soon! :p

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HenRy LeE said...

RM50 is actually quite cheap oh... i paid almost 200 for 2 nights with online booking on the spot. KK everywhere not safe la with all the illegal immigrants. Hahaha

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