Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

2013 is going to end in another...TWO hours. It's been a great year for me to remember as my this is the year of my changing career. I'm now officially in the music industry and piano is my best friend/ soul-mate/ love of my life! :D Although I've gone through a really rough time but it has passed and I believe that there's rainbow after the rain! 2014 will be a better year I'm certain of that :P

I guess most of you already had your new year resolutions listed down right?? I purposely sit in front of my lappie and end my piano practicing session 1 hour earlier just to think and blog about it....

1. Travel more!!!! It is really fun travelling and exploring the exotic countries with different cultures! 

2. Prepared myself with more piano repertoire. It isn't easy to memory all those pieces, but nothing is impossible!

3. Blog more...(sorry couldn't finish my travel posts this year argh but don't worry I'll be more hardworking in sharing travel tips!)

4. More exercises for healthier life (been spending too much time on piano in 2013...now should spare some more time on exercising instead...)

5. Maybe upload some video on the piano pieces hehehe....

I honestly think that new year resolution is just a wishlist if you do not have the determination to achieve all that. It's not gonna be a wishlist for me it's a TO-DO-LIST! 


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Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!

1 comment:

Mr Lonely said...

happy new year 2014~ hehe~

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