Friday, December 27, 2013

KK Day 2 : Kundasang

It's 0126am now and I'm still right here...blogging. My biology clock is all messed up during the holiday week again. But I really enjoy the peace moment and cold weather during the night, a total vampire right? Final week of the year equals to my end of year holiday. Been slacking and I DID NOT STICK TO my 6 hours practicing hours *guilty much* . So gonna make it up tomorrow and have extra practicing hours before my Singapore trip this weekend with the bunch of friends! YES I CAN DO IT! 

I'm really trying my best to clear all my travel posts by end of this year! One more post for KK trip and maybe another few more for my Macau trip! In case you've forgotten that I did visited KK for my birthday this year you may read my previous post here → .

So the second day of our KK trip is to Kundasang. The boyfie and I rented a car so it's easy for us to just driving around then climb the great Mount KK (oops we were just being lazy!)

1. Kundasang War Memorial

Nicest garden that I've ever seen in Malaysia.

There're several "theme" for different gardens according to some country's culture.

The English garden.

The Borneo garden.

This board is cute I felt like the grass is talking directly this to me LOL...

The Australian memorial.

Then..we headed to our next destination which is Desa Dairy Farm.

2. Desa Dairy Farm

The welcome rock by Desa farm's cows..xd

What a wonderful scenary right? Felt like I was in New Zealand lol!

Went for some snacks with the boyfie.

The milk is a must have (I'm not a big fan of milk so I just tasted a little, ok ok lah)

Dairy ice cream for both of us (RM 3.50 each kinda expensive hmm...but taste quite good!)

Pardon me with zero make up and the boyfie lazy to gel his hair too! Haha guess I gonna put on light make up next time I travel hmmm...

My favourite shot! ♥♥

The bad stink when we went further inside, but who cares I wanna see the cute cows and calf! 

Time for the next destination!

3. Kinabalu Park

We lowered the car window's and enjoy the breezy wind. 


Pulled over for some quick shots! 

My turn! ☺

This is the furthest that we could drive. Gonna walk after that.

I guess if we continue then that's mount KK that we would explore but due to time constraint and I actually fear of height a little, that didn't include in our itinerary. 

Scary forest...

This was the highest point that we could achieve, you gotta 'climb' if you wanna reach higher.

Travel Tips:

1. Entrance fee (RM 2 - RM 5 for Malaysians and RM 10+- for foreigners! )

2. I didn't climb the mount KK you might wanna do that and plan it properly (it looked dangerous hmmm...)

3. I personally love Kinabalu Park out of the three. You could embrace the mother nature without climbing the mount KK too! 

4. For Kundasang sight-seeing it's better to drive and things get really easy by just driving around!

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