Thursday, December 05, 2013

Macau Part I - Casa Real Hotel

This is a really outdated post, I was trying to squeeze in more pictures in this post but there're so many nice things to share about this hotel that I stayed in Macau back at end of January this year! Casa Real Hotel was our choice because we decided to have some comfortable stays in Macau. After all, our stay in Hong Kong wasn't that pleasant.  

The hotel lobby.

The hotel lobby's decoration looking luxury with the crystal chandeliers, and the staffs are friendly and helpful too! :D

Reception counter.

There will be a casino in most of the hotels in Macau. I ain't a gambler so this actually isn't an attraction to me LOL.

Alright, time to check out their room!!!!!

Our room was Premier Deluxe Room and I really really love my choice! The boyfie always let me do the hotel picks cause he said I'm good in that :P

The comfy bed.

Living room/ Study room. Yes you may do some reading/ work here!

And TV.

Then the Bathroom:

The mini bar.

Spacious room, spacious bathroom, clean, quiet...and oh ya we requested for non-smoking floor too!

The facilities:

Gym room.

Warm indoor pool.

Super love their cute design like a dream house in the pool area! XD

The hallway.

We fell asleep on the first night right after we checked in, probably because of the soft bed and pillows or maybe we were just too tired? I literally got no complaint about this hotel since they already provide everything we need! Except there's no wifi in the room and we could only access the public wifi in the hotel lobby. Strategic location and accessible to everywhere, free shuttle bus to jetty and other places available too. :D

We ordered room service for dinner the next day, we were just too lazy to hunt for food anymore and wanna enjoy the ambiance of the hotel room hehehee...:D

This is the breakfast menu.

Menu #1

Menu #2

There are some other food too I didn't take photos of the whole menu. The boyfie had Spicy African Chicken and I had Rice Noodle in Soup with Roasted Duck. And the food turned out unexpectedly nice! Why do we need to walk out and hunt for food since the room service is so tasty with reasonable price? Might as well we enjoy in the room right? :p

Paired with TsingTao beer (the price of beer is cheaper than mineral water, I think Macaunese don't drink plain water o.O)

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Casa Real Hotel
Avenida do. Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues 
No. 1118, Macau City, Macau 

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Henry Tan said...

wow definitely a grand hotel to stay! =D

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