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Bali Part II - The Relaxing Spas

Bali trip wouldn't be a complete one without a traditional Balinese massage. We only planned to have one massage on our travel itinerary but since there's a gap hour in between on the first day, our driver helped us to book for only 1 hour massage. 

Tamara Spa Bali, located in Nusa Dua 

There are few choices of aroma to choose from for our massage oil.

Waiting for them to ready the room.

There are 'houses' for massage rooms, two different rooms for each house.

Very traditional and unique design.

The room, it's air-conditioned but it isn't that new.

We only had 1 hour massage and didn't get to shower later cause we booked the room last minute, but we girls are used to applying body lotion so it's still bearable for me. I chose the aromatherapy massage, the massage was just okay (I could be quite demanding when comes to facial and massage, I only fully enjoy the massage if it's really good).

We were served with a cup of hot ginger tea after. THIS IS REALLY GOOD!

Love how they design their place, massage rooms surrounded by plants.

More discount will be given if you're going in group, and pay with IDR instead of USD. 


Our second spa was in Ubud.

Ubud is more peaceful and less activity area, longer spa session is advisable to kill the time. And for the record, most of the spa closed at 8pm in this area. So better make reservation to avoid any disappointment. 

Before entering our spa room, this place is for a nature lover.

The reason we chose here because of the paddy view! 

Everything looks fine but there's NO AIR-COND. I'm a Malaysian living in khatulistiwa with summer all year long, I still prefer having spa/massage in an air-cond room.

There are different spa packages to choose from:-

Sedona Beauty Package
-Greentea Bath
-Hair cream bath
-Manicure & pedicure
RP 495.000

Lotus Package
-Javanese Lulur
-Hair Cream bath
RP 350.000

Jepun  Package
-Balinese Boreh
-Hair Cream bath
-Manicure & Pedicure
RP 395.000

Cempaka Package
-Hair Cream bath
-Manicure & Pedicure
RP 325.000

Melati Package
-Balinese Massage 
-Hair Cream bath
Rp 280.000

(more information on )

I chose the Lotus Package. You may nego to change some of the thing you dislike in the package, ie. you may change the Javanese Lulur to Green Tea Bath in the Lotus Package.

To be honest, I don't really satisfy with all the services. But this is a good experience to enjoy the spa with the fresh, haze-free air in the tranquility room. For my package, I get body scrub + massage + flower bath (about 1.5 hour), facial (about 20 mins) and hair spa (about 20 mins). So total time is about 2.5 hours (just an estimation, I forgotten the exact total hour). 

My recommendation is to get a massage for your package so that you could experience the serenity massage and avoid Facial and Manicure & Pedicure. The facial and pedi mani were really bad, the were still some product leftover after my facial. This is a place to unwind your soul more than body, sounds ironic but it's true! Trade your money for an experience instead of expecting for a high quality spa and you won't be frustrated. 

The best thing of this spa, flower bath with a cup of hot ginger tea and fruits!

A great shower after the massage and flower bath to wash away the scrubs and oil.

The beautiful pathway outside the spa rooms.

Travel Tips:

1. Most of the spa business provide free pickup service, you may book the free pickup service while making your reservation.

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