Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My current fashion addiction - Midi Dress

I always fancy simple and elegant dresses, as I am not the type of girl who loves to spend hours in the fitting room and play dressing up, but I wanted to look pretty at the same time. Ironic eh? So midi dress comes to rescue, it's my favourite outfit at the moment! The best choice for the ladies who want that extra sense of sophistication without putting much effort, like me. :p 

A rare fashion update from me, those pictures were taken a while back when I visited Genting with Xiang. I would love to take more fashion photos if I stay in a breezy weather like this! I can't stand in the hot sun for too long, very unbearable scorching hot weather we have here. :( 

Midi dress: H&M
Cardigan: Zara
Ballerina flat: H&M
Handbag : Radley

This is the usual outfit that I love, I wear this to a lot of events - work, concert, party, shopping, or any other formal functions. It could help me to achieve that feminine look while maintaining a modest refined character. 

Some other example on how to wear a midi dress:

So pretty right? Very stylist and fashionable outfit that every girl should have in their closet! :D

Very awkward pose, I had no idea while I smiled like that. #candidshot

It was very windy and foggy, but I love it! ♥  This is the first batch of fashion photos that I'm satisfied with. I wish I could do this more often. #IWillTry #ButWaitTillIGetToANicerPlace 

#MessyHairDon'tCare #TryingToActLikeAStar

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