Thursday, November 06, 2014

The Timeless and Youthful Shape - Triumph Forever Young

I attended this lingerie fashion show a while ago at Publika, it's my favourite lingerie brand of all time - TRIUMPH!!  I was supposed to write this earlier but I was down with stupid virus for almost 2 weeks (suspected to be dengue), and I'm finally totally recovered from this stupid VIRUS ATTACK!! #thankgod Went to consult the Chinese physician twice, I was lucky that my condition isn't that serious and I don't have to hospitalized for this, thanks to the existence of traditional chinese herbs, it literally saved my life. 

Alright I better post the interesting photos from the fashion show instead of blabbering around. :p 

Taken this with MHB girls after the event.

Us with Tim :)

With our photographer Andy. :)

There was a talkshow during the event where the breast surgeon DR Harjit Kaur Perdamen Singh and guests such as Carey Ng; Ms Universe Malaysia 2013, Daphne Iking and Ms. Bernie Chan to be on the panel talking about their concerns at their age; how to prevent and maintain our breast to look youthful as ever.  

There are few reasons that we can't avoid aging of our breasts:-

1. Hormonal changes
2. UV rays
3. Genome structures
4. Gravity

In order to prevent our breasts from aging too fast and sagging,


It's never too late to take care of our own body to let our breasts stay at the best shape. :)

The design of Forever Young Collection is to give great support, you can't imagine how fast our breasts age.
There are 3 levels of support - Natural, Shape and Super support.

Natural Support (to prevent) - features elegant mesh cup edges that blends in beautifully with bust contours for effortless enhancement.

Shape Support (to maintain) - has an advanced diamond cup design for rounder bust shape and a French cleavage, new innovative soft U-bone at the side panel provides comfortable and extra stable support.

Super Support (to correct) - delivering all the shaping power, smooths high side panels, additional layers of crescent fabric and a "stay-on-place" back design with non-slip straps.

The Forever Young Collection also includes a series of shapewear that is made with advanced Novarel Firming fabric a nylon micro-fibre which contains active principles that facilitates skin shaping, firming and toning. It has also been scientifically proven that in the span of 28 days, 95% of women have been able to experience a firming effect on their skin, while 98% and 96% of women respectively, have been able to achieve softer skin and a lifting effect.

Besides, the shapewear series also consists of liberating fabric from Lycra Beauty that has an amazing stretch and recovery ability. It ensures strong shaping and support while giving women the freedom to move!

I've chosen the middle range of support - Shape Support Bra

The soft U-bone at the side panel provides comfortable and extra stable support. 

Gotten myself another bra from the Memory Cushion series too!

The support isn't as great as the Forever Young series, there's no U-bone at the side to give more support if you do the comparison.

Gotten this pink rose from the event, it matches well with my piano right? #proudphotographer #lol

The before and after pic of a model wearing The Forever Young Collection.

For more information, feel free to visit their:-

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